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Oino Gustus

Over four generations the Angus family have made daily choices that shape their land, their cattle herd, and their beef. Oino Gustus is the reflection of each and every choice.

Oino Gustus is taken from the Celtic origin of the name Angus. Meaning "One Choice" these two words illustrate the culture that stands behind the Signature Beef suite of brands: Respect and admiration for the cattlemen and women that came before us and steadfast integrity and honesty in every choice.

These choices are the founding pillars of the Oino Gustus range. Oino Gustus, is sourced from a single unique herd. The Angus family’s cattle herd has amassed an award-winning reputation. The selection that has occurred within this single herd for 25 cattle generations has followed an unswerving path.

Selection for fineness of texture, selection for mouth-watering juiciness, selection for optimal marbling, muscle shape and carcass size have been religiously followed in each pairing of dam and sire throughout the decades. All of these qualities are combined with choosing for an easy doing disposition that allow this cattle herd to tread lightly on the family’s land.

From this single herd only, the finest offspring are chosen for the Oino Gustus range. They are chosen utilising an age-old method. Each animal passing under the discerning eye of experienced cattle men and women.

Oino Gustus embodies excellence. Abundant marbling of the finest fleck interspersed through a grain so fine it is silken to the touch. A rich, succulent, cherry red, Oino Gustus is bold in flavour yet delicate to the palate.

Developed carefully on our finely monitored grain ration, Oino Gustus cattle are delivered to market at our largest carcase weight, this unveils the curious cuts. Dynamic in size and shape, our craftsmen seam and separate products rarely harvested. Explore the curious cuts with us.

Full bodied flavour meets exquisite texture - The ultimate choice

Oino Gustus - One choice, A fine choice.

Kimberley Red

Over 400 000 acres of prime cattle country forms the home of Kimberley Red. This timeless land provides deep, authentic flavours. A fine textured beef that is truly unique and of unrivalled consistency.

Kimberley Red is more than beef - it's a tradition born from generations of people who would not compromise on quality. The skills of raising beef cattle, of selection, nurturing and handling are crafts passed down through the ages.

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