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This is an example blog post

This is an example blog post

You burn down the storage unit? Oh, most definitely. Excuse me while I circumvent you. The old reach-around. Michael, look, this has got to stop. I mean, flattered? Yes. Interested? Not tonight. I'll buy you a hundred George Michaels that you can teach to drive! She keeps saying that God is going to show me a sign. The… something of my ways. You're losing blood, aren't you? Gob: Probably, my socks are wet. That's the first time we were in the shower since our honeymoon. And this time, no tears. The worst that could happen is that I could spill coffee all over this $3,000 suit. COME ON.

So maybe you could start jete-ing, and stop je-terrorizing me! Come on, this is a Bluth family celebration. It's no place for children. A night of heterosexual intercourse. There are dozens of us! Dozens! She's always got to wedge herself in the middle of us so that she can control everything. Yeah. Mom's awesome. Michael, look, this has got to stop. I mean, flattered? Yes. Interested? Not tonight. Quicken! Premiere! Never once touched my per diem. I'd go to Craft Service, get some raw veggies, bacon, Cup-A-Soup…baby, I got a stew goin'.

You want your belt to buckle, not your chair. I guess you can say I'm buy-curious. Oh, yeah, the guy in the the $4,000 suit is holding the elevator for a guy who doesn't make that in three months. Come on! I've got a nice hard cot with his name on it. You'd do that to your own brother? I said "cot."

Everyone's laughing, and riding, and cornholing except Buster. [sniffs hand] Oh, God. I'm going to run this through again on "pots and pans." This show was cancelled. I mean, COME ON.

Did Ted make an appointment? No. Well, then Ted can GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS OFFICE! YOU GET THE HELL OUT! You might enjoy this. Oh. Em. Gee. That's amazing. You can control your bladder when you're dead! I am having a love affair with this ice cream sandwich. I'm going to buy you the single healthiest call girl this town has ever seen. Can't a guy call his mother pretty without it seeming strange? Amen. And how about that little piece of tail on her? Cute! Let's make Ann the backup, okay? Very good way to think about her, as a backup.

We need a name. Maybe "Operation Hot Mother." No, let's try to top that. (They never did.) Yeah, I invited her. You said you wanted to spend time some with her. You said I was being an Ann hog. I will be a bigger and hairier mole than the one on your inner left thigh! My brother wasn't optimistic it could be done, but I didn't take "wasn't optimistic it could be done" for an answer. What's up, fizz-ellas. Heyyyyy, hermano. She's trying to prove that she's closer to my children than I am, but the joke's on her, because she doesn't know how little I care for GOB.

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